News from Pathogen Genomics and Evolution Group

I am not being an individual on me own.

Andries van Tonder
24 April 2023

To mark the publication of our recent paper, Colonization and transmission of Staphylococcus aureus in schools: a citizen science project, senior author Dr Andrew Conlan wrote a post for the Microbiology Society blog. In it, Andrew provides a background to the project and its findings.

Dr Prince Asare's bioinformatics journey.

Andries van Tonder
16 March 2023

Cambridge Africa has written a really nice blog post covering Prince’s stay with the group. Link

Hayley's leaving dinner.

Andries van Tonder
24 February 2023

Hayley leaving

To mark the sad occasion of Hayley Wilson leaving PGEG, the group went out for dinner at Baan Thai for some very tasty Thai food. We’re very sorry to see Hayley go and wish her all the best in her new job.

Bioinformatics training in Ghana.

Andries van Tonder
31 January 2023

Following the end of his six month visit to the PGEG, Prince headed back to Ghana to begin preparations for a week long Introduction to Bacterial Genomics workshop that was held in the third week of January 2023. Andries flew out a few days before to help get the teaching machines set up and joined Prince’s group on their annual retreat. Read here for a more detailed write-up of the course.

Lab Secret Santa.

Andries van Tonder
21 November 2022

Secret Santa

Thanks to Caitlin for organising this year’s Secret Santa/White Elephant.